Friday, August 27, 2010

Gianluca's 17th Birthday Cross Town Scavenger Hunt

The birthday boy.

Hope he made a wish.

Today we had Gianluca's cross town scavenger hunt for his 17th birthday, which is this coming Monday. We had four teams of five, driving in cars around the city, completing tasks. I've only included Gianluca's team because there are so many photos. I think everyone had a great time and Gianluca will hopefully remember this birthday party fondly. I know I had a great time.

One team member had to ask a random stranger for a piggy back ride. Kali stepped up to the challenge and this nice lady helped us out.
Our team in front of Roosevelt High School where Gianluca will attend.
Each team member had to run one lap to form a full mile. Gianluca was fast!
The team had to wrap one team member into a toilet paper mummy and take a photo of a stranger with a dog. This lady was very sweet to help us.
The team in front of a public library. One team member had to register and obtain a library card. Patrik stepped up and now he's a card carrying member of the Seattle Public Library.
Down at Shilshole Bay.
One team member had to eat a banana split with a tasting spoon.
One team member had to buy a flower and give it to a stranger. Gianluca made her day!
Our team at the famous Gum Wall in Pike Place Market

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