Thursday, August 26, 2010

And He Makes the Varsity Team!

What a great week we have had. On Saturday we drove down 1-5 and made a stop at Mt. St. Helen's to see the volcano. On the trip I had Gianluca, my son Mason, Max from Germany, Gabriel from Brazil and his host brother Rohan, who is also one of Mason's best friends. We had a nice drive down and after seeing the volcano headed south to Portland. In Portland we stayed with one of my dearest friends, Monika, and her family. The five boys enjoyed swimming, playing video games, watching horror films and just generally hanging out together. We took some time to drive out to the Oregon Coast, just south of Cannon Beach at Oswald State Park. We had a lovely afternoon at the beach. On our way out of town on Wednesday we stopped to do some school shopping and had a fairly hilarious time in Target. Mason decided to try on the maternity jeans which was a great source of laughter for us all.

Today Gianluca had his tennis team tryouts for his high school and made the varsity team! I was so PROUD of him. I mean he plays it kind of cool, makes tennis look easy, but seriously, he's an amazing player. The coach was happy to have him and he scored one of only four available spots on the team, beating out some ten or so other players who will now play on the junior varsity team. Very impressive! The only problem was that the coach was speaking so fast that Gianluca didn't really understand that he made the team. I had to explain to him once we got to the call. Once he figured it out he was very happy. He worked really hard today to earn that spot and I'm grateful that he'll have the opportunity to be a part of a team.

Tomorrow we are having a cross town scavenger hunt in cars to celebrate Gianluca's birthday. He'll be 17 on Monday August 30th. We'll take a lot of photos and post them as soon as possible.

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